Our line of products dedicated to food tapes. Two systems designed and manufactured entirely in Italy Veimax. These are VFI and SCB.
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VFI: Veimax Food Industry

Always attentive to the needs of the market, after a thorough examination of the same, he sees the light the first cleaning system to Veimax food belts. VFI is made and certified by observing the strictest international standards (FDA) and therefore has:

- Replaceable scraper elements made of polyurethane 90 Sh White FDA food

- Metallic parts in steel AISI 304 with treatment of electropolishing surfaces with which confers aspect of gloss and the elimination of any small burrs and imperfections duperficiali, in addition to having the increased corrosion resistance.

The VFI is also contaddistingue for the technical design solutions such as the particular shape of the scraping vanes (which favor the detachment of the food material), the constructive simplicity (the ease of assembly and disassembly). It is also characterized by an effective invisible tensioning system and easy to use.

It can be used as a primary scraper (on the head drum) and secondary on the return belt.


SCB: Steam Cleaning Belt

Steam Cleaning Belt is a tool developed for the cleaning and sanitation of conveyor belts in the food industry, built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade silicone seals.

The combined action of a powerful jet of dry saturated steam, combined with a powerful suction causes the tape to be washed, clean, and dry igenizzato after passing under the Steam Cleaning Belt.

The main advantages of Steam Cleaning Belt are:

- Significant reduction of water consumption
- Elimination of chemical disinfectants
- Absence of drain water
- Cleaning speed with time and cost
- Possibilities of mobile or fixed installation (lifted system product pass)
- Possibility of installation on return tape
- Size adaptable to any size and shape of the tape