VCB – Washing and scraping


The plants at conveyor belts are not all alike. Some carrying materials fairly easy to remove from the surface of the belt with normal cleaning systems, others carrying sticky materials that tend to stratify and sticks the tape and the tape cleaner itself is very difficult.

It ‘obvious that the material that is layered on the tape causes a plant does not work and this is born: BELT CLEANER Cleaner belt is a complete cleaning system that integrates the scraping, washing and drying tape. The principle of CLEANER BELT and consists of:

– A first of the ribbon wetting system. A first scraper with tungsten blades for roughing. A second tape dampening system
– A second wiper blades with tungsten pearl finish
– A polyurethane profile drip tape, and shave

The whole is contained inside a sturdy container that receives the water of a normal plant through an inlet faucet and that collects water and residues of channeling material towards an evacuation tube which can ‘download to the ground in a tub prepared.