VBB – Rotating brush


The unit BRUSCH BELT born to a real need for true in some cases also the perfect cleaning of tapes from dust that normal cleaning systems can leave. The Brüsch BELT is also suitable for those tapes which carry only the type of dusty material and that possibly carrying different types of material and must not leave traces of one on the other.

The unit BRUSH BELT installed under the drain drum and rotating in the opposite direction to the tape removes any residual powder from this track. With the right devices you can install the BRUSH BELT also on the inner side of the return belt.

The BRUSCH BELT is made of a sturdy motor shaft mounted on oscillating bearings and ponds by a brush with nylon inserts that wheel driven by a geared motor. All supported by robust side flanges. Easy installation and maintenance on BRUSH BELT helps preserve the environment, the quality of the products transported and the tape length. The scraper blades Polyurethane and unusually shaped toes and slightly inclined relative to the axis of the scraper allows the scraper itself to go to scratch both the strips overhangs both the tape base itself.